Questions Galore 2

It’s been a while, three weeks going on four to be precise, since my last post. As expected, a lot has happened over this time. Two weeks ago, in a span of five days, I lost a cousin, grandfather and a friend from our office block in that order. Shook me pretty good.

In the sermon, at my Uncle’s house, the pastor said something that is relevant with parenthood and that stuck with me, “our children are not ours, we are just custodians”. I have quoted Khalil Gibran, actually used the quote as the featured image, in one of my posts, Worry How you wonder are these words supposed to console a grieving parent? Life.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Subject. Something has piqued Djasiri’s curiosity, necessitating a second installment of Questions Galore Clearly I have discovered the insert/edit link button, hehehe. Or maybe my son has positively influenced me to be curious and try out things.

So he had reading homework, the CRE book. The chapter we are reading covers good habits, how God’s children should behave. Whether I am in complete agreement with some of the content in this book is subject for another day.

Does Jesus look like God? He asks. So I tell him yes, I think Jesus looks like God since He is God’s son. And besides we are all created in Gods image I add. “So I look like God?” Yes, I say and urge him to continue reading, before he hits me with another difficult query.

Then the book lists smoking cigarettes and taking alcohol as bad habits that children should desist from. What are cigarettes he asks? What are cigarettes I ask myself, the things people smoke? I tell him its tobacco rolled in paper that people smoke. Why? He asks. I don’t know Djasiri, I guess it is a habit that people acquire and become addicted. Before I am asked what addiction is I say we proceed. But he wants to know what alcohol is. He is on a roll. So I say it is a beverage that makes you drunk. I am aware i really haven’t answered his question. It is hard to tell children the truth but in simple terms, I find out.

Where is hell? Is it like a trillion kilometers away? “I don’t know where hell is, I have not been to the actual hell, I have not heard or read of anyone who has come back and given us the directions” I am tempted to say. But I say, all I know is how the place is described. I am not sure if the bible actually says where hell is. Thankfully we are done for that day.

Next day during breakfast,do bees make honey? Yes honey, bees do make honey. I look to see whether he caught that, nope. Do bees cough? Are you shitting me? I am just a mom, not an expert on Apiology. Oh, even you the readers have a question? Apiology is the study of honey bees. The Jungle book movie comes to my rescue, I tell him to recall the scene where Mowgli is getting honeycombs for Baloo, the bear. We just saw the bees sting Mowgli not cough.

“Mommy, can a working man go to work with just a vest?” I try to imagine what goes on in his head but I come up short. The questions are so random. Anyway, I answer and say no, they have to put a shirt on. What if they feel hot, he asks. Then they do the adult thing and put on the AC, fun, open the windows, or just sweat it out I respond. And wear a deodorant too I add laughing. I check to see again if he gets me attempting humor, nope, I am alone on this one too.

I guess I am trying to say a couple of things today, honestly I am not exactly clear if and how they gel together. I just needed to write, share all this. Please bear with me.

One is the importance of living our lives fully, forget being comfortable, taking risks. My sister said to me about our departed cousin, she was much younger than us, but she did live her life. Striving to make each day count. Friedrich Nietzshe put it best when he said, we should consider each day lost on which we have not danced even once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh. And then my favorite, Rumi, “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.” Nice, yes? come on,  lets all say it together, “I’ll be mad!” Hahaha.

Secondly the innocence and abandon with which children ask questions, go about everything. Can we learn something from that? Everyone is a mjuaji in this city. Getting consensus in your work place is an uphill task, everyone has a different opinion.

And lastly, learning to accept life as is. Some things are up to us and some things are not up to us – Epictetus.

XO, mamadjasiri.


11 thoughts on “Questions Galore 2

  1. Sincere condolences for loved ones lost.
    Enjoyed reading…the questions are soo hilarious 🙂 🙂
    Very captivating & inspiring post.


  2. Pole for the lift loss. Loving the questions and loving the answers even more. It’s great Djasiri knows he can ask mummy anything.


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