Are you allergic? That’s my sons favorite word at the moment when you say you do not want something.

Would you like some watermelon mummy?

No thank you

Are you allergic?

No, I just don’t feel like it at the moment

Because it has mechanicals?

Mechanicals? (A few seconds later) Oh you mean chemicals? Hehehe

It is not funny mummy

Every moment that I am awake and with him, while eating, walking, shopping, reading bedtime stories, praying, I am fair game for questioning. Like in Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes, Djasiri is my Question Quigley.

How many questions does a five year old ask? A quick search reveals up to 300 on average! Let me break it down a bit, from wake up time say 7:30am to bed time 7:30pm, that is a question every 2 minutes 40 seconds. Every day.  If you are lucky.

Mothers, it seems, are the most quizzed people on earth. I can bet mothers are now using Google search to learn some responses for the questions they are being asked. I mean what do you say when you are asked what is water? And what color is it? Because they do not understand colorless, when in school, they are being taught about all colors, except the color colorless. Something you drink? Break it down to its chemical compositions? When you are urging your child to drink more water, better have a fine response on why they should do so.

There have been those questions I am not even sure how to respond to, whether to be embarrassed, laugh, warn him not to ask that again, especially in the midst of people, or tell him the truth.

So one day I am in the bathroom minding my business. He knocks. I have to play along and ask who is it? otherwise we will repeat this all over again. He states his three names and asks if he can come in. I say no. What are you doing mummy? Using the bathroom I say. Ha? Are you pooping? No. Peeing? Djasiri can you give me a moment please? Mummy, you have to stand when you are peeing. Djasiri, girls sit when peeing. No, you have to stand, let me come and show you. I bolt the door these days.

But I am going to get him. When he is older, I will be all over his business, questioning where he has been, who his friends are, does he have a girlfriend, I want to meet her. Reversed roles, just not in the same magnitude. And respectfully too, no spying shit, OK, maybe a little. It is crazy times folks, I will fortify him with loads of prayer too as I do now.

On a personal front, I have also started asking questions and embracing this innocence and lack of shame in addressing issues that I do not understand or that do not sit right with me. Women, in my unsolicited opinion, acquiescence – sometimes subconsciously. Go on, ask, not nag, there is a big difference between those two, do not accept just for the sake of it, or to avoid a dispute.

As for the children, they maybe young, but they are entitled to the truth. Give it to them.When they were studying continents, Sonny strangely figured he is not from Africa. So one day in the evening I tell him he is African. You got to be kidding me he says. No I am not, you are African, Kenyan to be precise.

We have already covered how he got out of my stomach, let’s wait for when he asks how he got in.

xo, mamadjasiri.





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