I am itching to write something, so I grab my phone and start looking for office suite. Turns out I need to download it. So forget it for now. This was Thursday night. I did write, forwarded it to a dear friend of mine. He did respond, with a link on how to start a blog. It is amazing how someone can believe so much in you, that you start to believe in yourself. Thank you.

So here I am, my first post. Excited and super scared . Shall we…

My son, Djasiri, graduated that same Thursday. A preschooler heading to class one next year. A whole five years and five months old. You should have seen the parents, more excited than the children. Jostling for prime positions to take pictures and videos. I have a ton of them myself. Bombarded my mum and sisters with them too, what is family for after all?

Djasiri wants a pet elephant for his graduation gift. Not a shark he says, as that might shred his mommy.  At this point let me point out that he is obsessed with Dinosaurs and Sharks.I am becoming an authority in the two myself, hahaha, you should see/hear us discussing Tyrannosaurus Rex. Generation Z, most certainly keeping me on my toes, no z’s for me for sure.
There is a tornado sweeping through Bermuda. So I am keeping my mom posted about it. My kid sister lives and works there. I tell her earlier Thursday Nicole was a category 4 but it was downgraded to a 3. She immediately calls and asks, what are these categories? So now I am storm chasing. The eye passed. Knocked off the power, and with it internet and the frequent chats with Caro. It is heading to 10 pm, Kenyan time Thursday.The storm passed, Caro got home OK. Mum did not sleep until 4 am Friday, when she confirmed her baby was home safe.

This is what motherhood is about, worrying about your children even when they are grown ups, mothers themselves. Celebrating milestones, when the child who barely spoke joined school and now he is about to go to class one. I wonder how many times I will call the class one teacher next year January. I called twice when he joined kindergarten, and class was ending at only midday.

I look forward to this journey and sharing it with all of you.

xo, mama Djasiri

PS: Have you guys heard about XO Nation? Professional women signing off their emails with xo to signify solidarity in the workplace. Whats your take? Ideal for business emails? And should men use it too?



30 thoughts on “Random

  1. Wow mamadjasiri! I didn’t figure you for the blogger but I’m impressed 🙂 keep it up. Hope the next blog will have photos of the little one in his new uniform 🙂


  2. Great start!! Wonder what my boy will ask for when he heads to Class One, his favorite animal is a “Horse” and unfortunately it isn’t extinct!!


  3. Well done mama Djasiri and congratulations on the little man’s milestone!

    There’s a simple and beautiful intrigue to your writing, which is perhaps an extension of yourself 🙂 I love that somewhere in the middle, between dinosaurs and tornados, I was wondering where all this was going. And then you wrap it up beautifully!


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